15.6.1 DTSL option classes

To support the concept of DTSL options, a DTSL configuration can expose a set of option objects. These objects allow a client to query the option set and their default values, and to modify the option values before and after connecting. The option objects are arranged hierarchically, and grouped in a way that allows them to be presented in a GUI. The option set must be available before connecting, so the options are exposed by a static method getOptionList() on the DTSLv1 derived class within a Jython script.


The getOptionList() static method is not part of any defined Java interface. The DTSL configuration script manager uses Jython introspection at run time to determine whether the method exists.

The object set returned from getOptionList() should be an array of option objects. It is very common to partition the set of options into logical groups, each of which has its own tab page within a TabSet. Each tab page contains the options for its associated group.

The following figure shows the supported options types and class hierarchy:

Figure 15-10 DTSL Option Classes
DTSL Option Classes

The DTSLv1 class provides many static helper methods for creating the options, and it is more usual for these methods to be used rather than directly creating the objects.

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