15.6.3 Option names and hierarchy

All options are part of an option hierarchy. Starting at the outermost level, the TabSet object is usually named 'options'. All other options are then created in a childOptions path, starting from this outermost level. The 'name path' for an option consists of all the internal names (not the display names) in the hierarchy between the outermost level and the option in question, joined by the '.' character. For example, in the previous code samples, the option which indicates the currently selected trace capture device has the name path 'options.traceBuffer.traceCaptureDevice'. The components of this name path, joined by '.', are as follows:

The internal name of the outermost TabSet.
The internal name of the child option for the trace buffer tab page object.
The internal name of the EnumOption for the currently selected trace capture device.

The full path name is important for at least three reasons:


The full path option name is case sensitive.

Here is an example output from the show dtsl-options command to see the list of available DTSL options and their current values.

Command: show dtsl-options
dtsl-options options.ETM.cortexM3coreTraceEnabled:                      value is "true"
dtsl-options options.ITM.itmTraceEnabled:                               value is "true"
dtsl-options options.ITM.itmTraceEnabled.itmowner:                      value is "Target" 
                                                                          (read only)
dtsl-options options.ITM.itmTraceEnabled.itmowner.debugger.DWTENA:            value is "true"
dtsl-options options.ITM.itmTraceEnabled.itmowner.debugger.PRIVMASK.[15:8]:   value is "true"
dtsl-options options.ITM.itmTraceEnabled.itmowner.debugger.PRIVMASK.[23:16]:  value is "true"
dtsl-options options.ITM.itmTraceEnabled.itmowner.debugger.PRIVMASK.[31:24]:  value is "true"
dtsl-options options.ITM.itmTraceEnabled.itmowner.debugger.PRIVMASK.[7:0]:    value is "true"
dtsl-options options.ITM.itmTraceEnabled.itmowner.debugger.STIMENA:     value is "0xFFFFFFFF"
dtsl-options options.ITM.itmTraceEnabled.itmowner.debugger.TSENA:             value is "true"
dtsl-options options.ITM.itmTraceEnabled.itmowner.debugger.TSPrescale:        value is "none"
dtsl-options options.ITM.itmTraceEnabled.itmowner.target.targetITMATBID:value is "2" 
                                                                          (read only)
dtsl-options options.traceBuffer.clearTraceOnConnect:                   value is "true" 
                                                                          (read only)
dtsl-options options.traceBuffer.startTraceOnConnect:                   value is "true" 
                                                                          (read only)
dtsl-options options.traceBuffer.traceCaptureDevice:                    value is "DSTREAM" 
                                                                          (read only)
dtsl-options options.traceBuffer.traceWrapMode:                         value is "wrap" 
                                                                          (read only)
dtsl-options options.ucProbe.ucProbeEnabled:                            value is "false"
dtsl-options options.ucProbe.ucProbeEnabled.PORT:                       value is "9930" 
                                                                          (read only)

Here is an example of the set dtsl-options command to change the current value of any non read-only option:

Command: set dtsl-options options.ITM.itmTraceEnabled false
DTSL Configuration Option "options.ITM.itmTraceEnabled" set to false
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