15.6.4 Dynamic options

Some option values can be modified dynamically, after connecting to the platform. For a DS-5 Debug session, this means the option can be changed during the debug session, using either the DS-5 Debugger command line or the DTSL Options... menu selection with the Debug Control View.

Not all options can be modified after connecting. For example, the trace capture device cannot typically change during the debug session, although the option to enable ITM trace can change. Even if an option can be changed, it might not apply the change immediately. For example, most trace-related dynamic options apply changes only when tracing is started or restarted.

To mark an option as dynamic, add the 'isDynamic=True' parameter to the option constructor. For example, the ITM option to generate timestamps could be created as follows:

    displayName = 'Enable differential timestamps',

When DS-5 Debugger displays the options during a debug session, it only allows the dynamic options to be changed. All the options are shown to the user, but the non-dynamic ones are grayed out and cannot be changed.

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