15.7.3 Software synchronization

This is the lowest level or quality of synchronization. 'Software' refers to the DTSL software running on the host debugger computer. At this level, the synchronization is of the following form:

Synchronized start
This is achieved by asking each device to start executing, by calling the go() method on each device in turn.
Synchronized stop
This is achieved by asking each device to stop executing, by calling the stop() method on each device in turn. If one device is seen to be stopped (by DTSL receiving a RDDI_EVENT_TYPE.RDDI_PROC_STATE_STOPPED stopped event), then the DTSL configuration must request all other devices to stop.

This synchronization is done on the host computer, so there can be hundreds of milliseconds between each core actually stopping. Whether this is a problem depends on how the target application handles other cores not responding (if they communicate with each other at all).

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