15.10.3 Errors reported at connection time

If you try to connect to a platform which contains an error in its Jython script, DS-5 displays an error dialog indicating the cause of the error:

Figure 15-20 Connection Error Dialog
Connection Error Dialog


Sometimes, the error message shown in the dialog might not be helpful, especially for run-time errors rather than syntax or import errors. DS-5 also places an entry in the Error Log, so that you can inspect the error after dismissing the error dialog. This error log entry might contain more information. You can typically find this information by scrolling down the Exception Stack Trace until you see the error reported at the point the Jython code was run.

After editing the Jython script to resolve any issues, try connecting again.


You do not need to tell DS-5 that the configdb has changed when you make changes only to Jython scripts.
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