15.10.6 Starting a second instance of DS-5 for Jython debug

When you start a second instance of DS-5, with the first instance still running, you are asked to use a different workspace. Choose a suitable location for this second workspace.

In this second instance of DS-5, switch to the PyDev perspective. To enable the toolbar buttons that allow you to start and stop the PyDev debug server:

On the toolbar, you should see two new icons PyDev debug server start and stop icons to stop and start the debug server.

Click the green P-bug icon to start the PyDev debug server. You should see a console view reporting the port number on which the debugger is listening (5678 by default). The DS-5 instance is ready to accept remote debug connections.

Switch to the Debug perspective. Eclipse does not automatically switch to the Debug perspective when a connection is made to the PyDev debugger. So if you do not switch to the Debug perspective yourself, then you cannot notice the connection.

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