15.10.7 Preparing the DTSL script for debug

When a Jython script is being debugged, it is normally launched by PyDev, and PyDev can optionally create a debug session for the script. When DS-5 launches the Jython script, however, this does not happen. This is not a problem, however, because the script itself can register with the PyDev debugger after it is launched. To do this in your script:

The function documentation for the settrace call in pydev 2.7.4 is as follows:

def settrace(host=None, stdoutToServer=False, stderrToServer=False, port=5678, suspend=True, trace_only_current_thread=True):
    '''Sets the tracing function with the pydev debug function and initializes needed facilities.
    @param host: the user may specify another host, if the debug server is not in the 
        same machine (default is the local host)
    @param stdoutToServer: when this is true, the stdout is passed to the debug server
    @param stderrToServer: when this is true, the stderr is passed to the debug server
        so that they are printed in its console and not in this process console.
    @param port: specifies which port to use for communicating with the server (note that 
        the server must be started in the same port). 
        @note: currently it's hard-coded at 5678 in the client
    @param suspend: whether a breakpoint should be emulated as soon as this function 
        is called.
    @param trace_only_current_thread: determines if only the current thread will be 
        traced or all future threads will also have the tracing enabled.
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