15.11.8 Installing the Java example within Eclipse

The example project DTSLJavaExample is in the DTSLExamples.zip file. You can import DTSLJavaExample directly into your Eclipse workspace. You must also import DTSL.zip into your Eclipse workspace. After importing it, change the project configuration to refer to your DTSL library location:

  1. Select the DTSLJavaExample within the Eclipse Project Explorer, right click it, and select Properties.
  2. Select 'Java Build Path' from the properties list.
  3. Click the Libraries tab.
  4. Replace all the referenced DTSL\libs .jar files with new entries which have the correct paths.

The example project also contains two launch configurations for running the program. One configuration uses the DS-5 configdb board specification, and the other refers directly to the files in the configdb. The project contains a configdb extension, which contains the Keil MCBSTM32 entries compatible with this project.


If you use your own Eclipse (non DS-5) installation, then you must set the DS-5 installation location within the DS-5 preferences. This value is used within the provided launch configurations.

The readme.txt file contained within the project has more information.

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