7.4.2 Supported CMM commands for translations

The following CMM commands are supported by the translation process.

  • Break.Set - Set a breakpoint or watchpoint.
  • Break.Delete - Delete an address or symbol breakpoint or watchpoint.
  • pBreak.Delete - Delete a source level breakpoint or watchpoint.
  • Core or Core.Select - Switch to the numbered core in the connection.
  • Data.Load - Load an image.
  • Data.Load.Elf - Load an ELF format file.
  • Data.Load.Bin - Load a binary format file.
  • Data.Load.auto - Load a file after automatically detecting the file format.
  • Data.Long - Read a 32-bit value from memory.
  • Data.Set - Write byte-wise to memory.
  • Go.Direct or Go - Continue to run the core (additionally set temporary breakpoints before running).
  • Print - Print the output.
  • Register - Read a register.
  • Register.Set - Write a register.
  • System.ResetTarget or Sys.ResetTarget - Reset the target on the current connection.
  • Wait - Wait until a specified condition is true or for a set time period.

For detailed descriptions and formats for these individual commands, check the documentation provided with your debugger.

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