13.4 About using or extending the supplied ARM® Keil® flash method

DS-5 Debugger contains a full implementation of the Keil® flash programming method. This might be used to program any flash device supported by the Keil MDK product. It might also be used to support any future device for which a Keil flash programming algorithm can be created.

For details on creating new Keil Flash Programming algorithms (these links apply to the Keil µVision® product), see:

Algorithm Functions

Creating New Algorithms

To aid in the creation of new Keil flash programming algorithms within DS-5, DS-5 Debugger contains a full platform flash example for the Keil MCBSTM32E board. This can be used as a template for new flash support.


An example, flash_example-FVP-A9x4, is provided with DS-5. This example shows two ways of programming flash devices using DS-5, one using a Keil Flash Method and the other using a Custom Flash Method written in Jython. For convenience, the Cortex-A9x4 FVP model supplied with DS-5 is used as the target device. This example can be used as a template for creating new flash algorithms. The readme.html provided with the example contains basic information on how to use the example.

This section describes how to add flash support to an existing platform using an existing Keil flash program, and how to add flash support to an existing platform using a new Keil flash algorithm.

This section contains the following subsections:
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