8.4 Specifying a custom configuration database using the command-line

Some targets might not be available in the default DS-5 configuration database. For example, a custom target which is available only to you. In this case, you can specify a custom configuration database which contains the details for your target.

Use the DS-5 Debugger command-line options to view the entries in your custom configuration database and determine the connection names. Then, use additional commands and options to specify the details of your configuration database and connect to your target.


  1. Launch a DS-5 command-line console.
    • On Windows, select Start > All Programs > ARM DS-5 > DS-5 Command Prompt.
    • On Linux:
      • Add the DS-5_install_directory/bin directory to your PATH environment variable. If it is already configured, then you can skip this step.
      • Open a terminal.
  2. List the entries in the user-specified configuration databases. Use the following syntax:
    • On Windows, enter: debugger --cdb-list --cdb-root path_to_cdb1[;path_to_cdb2].

      For example, debugger --cdb-list --cdb-root C:\DS-5_Workspace\MyConfigDB1;DS-5_Workspace\MyConfigDB2

    • On Linux, enter: debugger --cdb-list --cdb-root path_to_cdb1[:path_to_cdb2].

      For example, debugger --cdb-list --cdb-root /DS-5_Workspace/MyConfigDB1:DS-5_Workspace/MyConfigDB2


    Is the command to invoke the DS-5 Debugger.
    Is the option to list the entries in the configuration database.
    Is the option to specify the path to one or more configuration databases.
    path_to_cdb1 and path_to_cdb2
    Are the directory paths to the configuration databases.


    DS-5 Debugger processes configuration databases from left to right. The information from processed databases are replaced with information from databases that are processed later.

    For example, if you want to produce a modified Cortex-A15 processor definition with different registers, then those changes can be added to a new database that resides at the end of the list on the command-line.

  3. When you have determined the details of your target, use the following command-line syntax to connect to the target in your custom configuration database:

    debugger --cdb-entry "Manufacturer::Platform::Project type::Execution environment::Activity::Connection type" --cdb-root path_to_cdb1

    For example, on Windows:

    debugger --cdb-entry "ARM Development Boards::Versatile Express A9x4::Bare Metal Debug::Bare Metal SMP Debug of all cores::Debug Cortex-A9x4 SMP::DSTREAM" --cdb-entry-param "Connection=USB:000271" --cdb-root C:\DS-5_Workspace\MyConfigDB1


    Is the command to invoke DS-5 Debugger.
    Specifies the target to connect to.
    Manufacturer::Platform::Project type::Execution environment::Activity::Connection type
    Correspond to the entries in your custom configuration database. The entries have a tree data structure, where each entry has entries within it.
    Is the command to specify your custom configuration database.
    Is the directory path to your configuration database.


    • If you do not need any data from the default configuration database, use the additional command line option --cdb-root-ignore-default to tell the debugger not to use the default configuration database.
    • To specify more than one configuration database, you must separate the directory paths using a colon or semicolon for a Linux or Windows system respectively.
    • If connection parameters are required, specify them using the --cdb-entry-param option.
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