14.1 About Writing operating system awareness for DS-5 Debugger

DS-5 Debugger offers an Application Programming Interface (API) for third parties to contribute awareness for their operating systems (OS).

The OS awareness extends the debugger to provide a representation of the OS threads - or tasks - and other relevant data structures, typically semaphores, mutexes, or queues.

Thread-awareness, in particular, enables the following features in the debugger:

To illustrate different stages of the implementation, this chapter explains how to add support for a fictional OS named myos.

The steps can be summarized as follows:

  1. Create a new configuration database folder to host the OS awareness extension and add it to the DS-5 Debugger preferences in Eclipse.
  2. Create the files extension.xml and messages.properties so that the extension appears on the OS Awareness tab in the Debug configuration dialog.
  3. Add provider.py and implement the awareness enablement logic.
  4. Add contexts.py and implement the thread awareness.
  5. Add tasks.py to contribute a table to the RTOS Data view, showing detailed information about tasks.
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