1.3 Overview: Debugging multi-core (SMP and AMP), big.LITTLE™ , and multi-cluster targets

DS-5 Debugger is developed with multicore debug in mind for bare-metal, Linux kernel, or application-level software development.

Awareness for Symmetric Multi-Processing (SMP), Asymmetric Multi-Processing (AMP), and big.LITTLE™ configurations is embedded in DS-5 Debugger, allowing you to see which core, or cluster a thread is executing on.

When debugging applications in DS-5 Debugger, multicore configurations such as SMP or big.LITTLE require no special setup process. DS-5 Debugger includes predefined configurations, backed up by the Platform Configuration Editor which enables further customization. The nature of the connection determines how DS-5 Debugger behaves, for example stopping and starting all cores simultaneously in a SMP system.

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