1.2 Overview: ARM® CoreSight™ debug and trace components

CoreSight™ defines a set of hardware components for ARM®-based SoCs. DS-5 Debugger uses the CoreSight components in your SoC to provide debug and performance analysis features.

Examples of common CoreSight components include:

Examples of how these components are used by DS-5 Debugger include:

If you are using an SoC that is supported out-of-the-box with DS-5 Debugger, then you just need to select the correct platform (SoC) in the Debug Configuration dialog to configure a debug connection. If you are using an SoC that is not supported by DS-5 Debugger by default, then you must first define a custom platform in DS-5 Debugger's configuration database using the Platform Configuration Editor tool.

For all platforms, whether built-in or manually created, you can use the Platform Configuration Editor (PCE) to easily define the debug topology between various components available on the platform. See the Platform Configuration Editor for details.

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