2.7 Using Fixed Virtual Platform (FVP)s with DS-5

A Fixed Virtual Platform (FVP) is a software model of a development platform, including processors and peripherals.

FVPs are provided as executables, and some are included in DS-5.

Depending on your requirements, you can:


ARM® FVPs not provided with DS-5 installation must be defined in the PATH environment variable of your OS to be available for DS-5.

You must add the DS-5_install_directory/bin directory to your PATH environment variable and restart Eclipse.

  • For Windows, enter set PATH=<your model path>\bin;%PATH%
  • For Linux, enter export PATH=<your model path>/bin:$PATH

To ensure that the modified path is available in future sessions:

  • For Windows, right-click My Computer > Properties > Advanced system settings > Environment Variables and under User Variables, create a PATH variable with the value <your model path>\bin, or else append ;<your model path>\bin to any existing PATH variable.
  • For Linux, set up the PATH in the appropriate shell configuration file. For example, in .bashrc, add the line export PATH=<your model path>/bin:$PATH
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