2.7.3 Configuring a connection from the command-line to a built-in Fixed Virtual Platform (FVP)

You can configure a connection to a Fixed Virtual Platform (FVP) using the command-line only mode available in DS-5.

Using the command-line only mode, you can automate debug and trace activities. By automating a debug session, you can save significant time and avoid repetitive tasks such as stepping through code at source level.

This example shows you how to configure a connection to a built-in FVP model in DS-5.


  • The FVP model that you are connecting to must be available in the DS-5 configuration database so you can select it. If the FVP model is not available, you must first import it. See 10.12 Importing a custom model for information about importing a CADI-compliant model.
  • To load and execute the application on your FVP model using DS-5, your application must first be built with the appropriate compiler and linker options so that it can run on your model. To locate the options and parameters required to build your application, check the documentation for your compiler and linker.
  • You must have the appropriate licenses installed to run your FVP model from the command line.


  1. Open a DS-5command prompt:
    • On Windows, select Start > All Programs > ARM DS-5 > DS-5 Command Prompt.

    • On Linux, add the DS-5_install_directory/bin location to your PATH environment variable and then open a UNIX bash shell.
  2. To connect to the ARM FVP Cortex-A9x4 FVP model and specify an image to load from your workspace, at the command prompt, enter:
    debugger --cdb-entry "ARM FVP::VE_Cortex_A9x4::Bare Metal Debug::Bare Metal Debug::Debug Cortex-A9x4 SMP" --image "C:\DS-5_Workspace\HelloWorld\Debug\HelloWorld.axf"

    DS-5 starts the ARM FVP Cortex-A9x4 FVP and loads the image. When connected to your target, use any of the DS-5 Debugger commands to access the target and start debugging.

    For example, info registers displays all application level registers.

    See Chapter 8 Running DS-5 Debugger from the operating system command-line or from a script for more information about how to use DS-5 Debugger from the operating system command-line or from a script.

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