10.3 About platform bring-up in DS-5

Effective debug and trace support requires that the debugger has the necessary information about the platform it needs to debug.

The complexity of modern System-on-Chip (SoC) based platforms is increasing. The debugger needs to know:

DS-5 Debugger can automatically detect most of this information. However, it is common that the debugger is unable to detect certain features on a complex SoC. The reasons might be:

DS-5 Debugger provides a simple and efficient platform bring-up process for all ARM® CoreSight-based SoCs.

DS-5 Debugger does not make any assumptions about the platform configuration. Hence if it only has limited information about the platform, it can only provided limited debug and trace functionality. Hence it is common for the debugger to provide limited trace functionality for certain processors on the platform. You can augment the automatically detected platform configuration by manually providing data based on your knowledge of the SoC. This enables you to provide any missing parts of the topology definition. This is preferable because the DTSL scripts can be generated based on the augmented information rather than requiring manual editing.

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