10.7 Editing a platform configuration in the PCE

This shows you how to add component connections in the PCE view to support trace.

After you create a new platform configuration in DS-5, you can review the platform configuration. This shows the device summary in the PCE view. DS-5 might not detect all the devices on the platform or might not know how the devices are connected to each other. You can use the Component Connections table in PCE to:

If the fields within the component connections table are not correctly populated, then cross-triggering or trace might not work.

You can use the PCE view to identify missing component connections and to add them to your platform configuration. The figure shows the configuration of an example platform in the PCE view after autodetection in DS-5.

Figure 10-7 Component Connections
Component Connections

The title bar of the PCE view warns about the information that autodetection was unable to determine. You can click on the device in the device hierarchy to get more information. For example if you click on the Cortex-M3 processor, you might see a message about the missing information.

Figure 10-8 Missing slaves
Missing slaves

The Cortex-M3 processor does not have any slave connections. Autodetection was unable to determine the topology information for the Cortex-M3 processor. The device hierarchy on the left-hand pane shows that the Cortex-M3 processor and the trace source, CSETM_6, are under the same access port, CSMEMAP_2.

Figure 10-9 Device hierarchy
Device hierarchy

You can now add a component connection between the Cortex-M3 processor and the ETM to enable trace for the Cortex-M3 processor on the platform.


To add the right components to your platform configuration you must know the device topology. This demonstrates adding components to an example platform.


  1. Select Devices in the left-hand pane.
  2. Select the Component Connections tab in the right-hand pane.
  3. To add a new component connection, click Add Link. This shows the Add Link dialog box.
  4. Select Cortex-M3 for the Master and select CSETM_6 for the Slave. Click Ok to add the component connection.
    Figure 10-10 Add Core Trace
    Add Core Trace

  5. The PCE view shows that CSETM_6 does not have any slave connections. The device hierarchy shows that there is a CSCTI_8 component under the same access port. To add this component connection to CSETM_6, click Add Link and select CSETM_6 for the Master, and CSCTI_8 for the Slave.
    Figure 10-11 Add CTI Trigger
    Add CTI Trigger


    Depending on the device you add a component connection for, you might have to specify additional parameters. For example:
    • If you add a CTI as a master, then you must specify the trigger output port.
    • If you add a CTI as a slave, then you must specify the trigger input port.
    • If you add a Trace Replicator as a master, then you must specify the master interface.
    • If you add a Trace Funnel as a slave, then you must specify the slave interface.
  6. The Component Connections tab shows the user added component connections in the PCE view. Save the platform configuration.
    Figure 10-12 User added component connections
    User added component connections

  7. Build the platform configuration. To build the platform configuration, right-click the project in the Project Explorer view and select Build Platform.
    Figure 10-13 Project Explorer
    Project Explorer

  8. In the build platform dialog box, select Full Debug and Trace. This regenerates the Debug Configuration files with the user added CoreSight trace components. If you select Debug Only, the Debug Configuration files only contain configuration for a debug session without trace capability.
    Figure 10-14 Full debug and trace
    Full debug and trace

  9. Open the Debug Configurations view by right-clicking in the Project Explorer view and selecting Debug As > Debug Configurations....
    Figure 10-15 Debug Activities
    Debug Activities

  10. Select your platform and debug activity from the Connection tab in the Debug Configurations dialog box.


    To see your new platform in the Debug Configurations list, your configuration database must be specified in Window > Preferences > DS-5 > Configuration Database.
  11. Click Edit on DTSL Options. This shows that the new platform configuration provides trace capability for the Cortex-M3 processor.
    Figure 10-16 DTSL Options
    DTSL Options

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