10.8 About the device hierarchy in the PCE view

The device hierarchy in the PCE view shows the devices on the platform.

In the PCE view, you can add or remove devices to configure the platform for how you want to debug the platform. This shows the device hierarchy of an example platform. DS-5 Debugger might not autodetect all the devices on the platform. If you want to use these undetected devices in the debug session, you must first add them to the device hierarchy and configure them appropriately.

Figure 10-17 Device hierarchy
Device hierarchy

Alternatively, if you only want a simple debug session and do not need some of the devices that have been autodetected, then you can remove them from the device hierarchy.

The context menu for the device hierarchy contains:

Toggle Devices Panel
This shows or hides the supported devices that you can add to the JTAG scan chain or device hierarchy.
Add Custom Device
This adds a custom device to the JTAG scan chain.
Autodetect Component Connections
This starts the autodetection to detect the connections between the various components on the platform.
Enumerate APs
This is available for Debug Access Ports (DAP) on the device hierarchy. This enumerates the Access Ports under the DAP.
Read CoreSight ROM Tables
This reads the CoreSight ROM tables to obtain more information about the devices from the various access ports. This might cause certain devices on the platform to become unresponsive. In such cases, you can unselect this option during autodetection, in the right-hand pane after selecting your debug hardware Probe.
Remove Device
This removes the device from the hierarchy.

You can add a device as a sibling or as a child, by drag-and-dropping from the Devices Panel to the appropriate place in the device hierarchy.

Figure 10-18 Devices Panel
Devices Panel

Any device that you add or remove from the hierarchy changes the topology of the SoC. You must ensure that the topology is appropriate for your platform. After adding new devices, you can configure the devices in the right-hand pane in the PCE view.

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