10.10 Configuring your debug hardware unit for platform autodetection

Automatically detecting the correct configuration for your platform requires correct configuration of your debug hardware unit.

In the Autodetect tab of the Platform Configuration Editor (PCE) view, you can configure key settings used in autodetection, such as whether to use JTAG or Serial Wire Debug (SWD), and the clock speed.

The left-hand pane in the Platform Configuration Editor contains:

This shows the configuration for your debug hardware unit, for example your DSTREAM unit. You can enter the Connection Address in the Autodetect tab if you want to autodetect the platform again after modifying the debug hardware settings.
This shows the scan chain and device hierarchy of your platform. The device hierarchy usually consists of one or more Debug Access Ports (DAP). Each DAP consists of one or more Access Ports (AP). Each AP shows the devices that have been detected through that access port.
Debug Activities
This shows the type of debug activities you can perform on the target. The debug activities are accessible from the Debug Configurations dialog box when you want to start a debug session.


  1. Select your debug hardware unit from the Probe in the left-hand pane of the PCE view.
  2. Select the Autodetect tab from the right-hand pane.
    Figure 10-19 Autodetect settings

  3. Enter the Connection Address of your debug hardware unit or click Browse to select one.
  4. Expand Advanced Options to configure your debug hardware unit appropriately. Here you can set the LVDS Debug Interface Mode to either JTAG or SWD for connecting to the target. If you use a JTAG connection, then you must set the JTAG type and clock speed appropriately. Other options that are important for autodetection include the reset hold and delay times, drive strengths, reset behavior during autodetection, and cable pin configurations.


    If your target supports both JTAG and SWD, you must first enable Use SWJ Switching. The Probe Configurations tab provides these settings and other configuration options for your debug hardware unit.
  5. Click Autodetect Platform to automatically detect the platform.

    The debug hardware unit interrogates the scan chain at the current clock speed. If the clock speed is too high, some devices on the scan chain might not be detected. If you suspect that this is happening, decrease the clock speed.

  6. Click on Devices in the left-had pane to review the automatically detected platform configuration.
  7. Add any missing topology links for the platform in the Component Connections tab.
  8. Build the platform configuration by right-clicking the platform configuration project in the Project Explorer view and selecting Build Platform.
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