7.4.1 Importing and translating a CMM script

If you have existing CMM scripts for your platform, you can use the script import feature in DS-5 to import and translate them.


Scripts are associated with a debug configuration. When importing or editing scripts, first select the associated debug configuration for your target in the Debug Control view.


  1. To import a CMM script into DS-5, in the Scripts view, click Import a script or directory Import icon and select Import and translate a CMM script.


    You can also drag and drop the script to be imported into the script view, either from the Project Explorer view or your operating system file explorer.
  2. Browse and select the CMM script that you want to import, and click Open.
  3. Choose a location for the translated CMM script and click OK. To view the imported CMM script, in the Scripts view, expand the CMM node and locate your script.
The CMM scripts are converted to Jython scripts during the import process, and CMM commands are converted to their equivalent DS-5 Debugger commands. See 7.4.2 Supported CMM commands for translations to view the list of commands supported by the CMM command translation process in DS-5.
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