List of commands:


Displays all the current debugger settings.

show architecture

Displays the current target architecture.

show arm

Displays the current instruction set settings in use by the debugger for disassembly and setting breakpoints.

show auto-solib-add

Displays the current automatic setting for use when loading shared library symbols.

show backtrace

Displays the current behavior settings for use with the info stack command.

show breakpoint

Displays the general breakpoint settings.

show debug-from

Displays the current setting for the address of the temporary breakpoint used by the start command.

show directories

Displays the list of search directories.

show endian

Displays the current byte order setting.

show escapes-in-filenames

Displays the current setting for controlling the use of special characters in paths.

show flash-buffer

Displays the area of memory in use as a buffer for flash programming operations.

show listsize

Displays the listing size for the list command.

show os

Displays the current Operating System (OS) settings in the debugger.

show print

Displays the current debugger print settings.

show semihosting

Displays the current setting for semihosting operations.

show solib-search-path

Displays the current search path for shared libraries.

show step-mode

Displays the current step setting for functions without debug information.

show stop-on-solib-events

Displays the current debugger setting that controls whether execution stops when shared library events occur.

show substitute-path

Displays all the substitution rules.

show sysroot, show solib-absolute-prefix

Displays the system root prefix for shared library paths.

show version

Displays the current version number of the debugger.

show wildcard-style

Displays the current wildcard style in use for pattern matching.

Type help followed by a command name for more information on a specific command.

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