memory set_typed

This command writes a list of values to memory.


memory set_typed address type expressions



Specifies an address at which to write the first value. The address must be correctly aligned for the specified type.


Specifies the data type to which each of the series of expressions is converted and the width of each value in memory. For example, long.


Specifies a space separated list of expressions. If an expression contains spaces it must be enclosed in parentheses. The expressions are evaluated, converted to the specified type, and then written to memory sequentially.


This command sets a default address variable to the value of the memory address. Some commands, such as x, use this default value if no address is specified.


Example 79. memory set_typed

memory set_typed 0x8000 (long long) 0x100 0x200
                               # Is equivalent to the following commands:
                               # set variable *((long long*)0x8000) = (long long)0x100
                               # set variable *((long long*)0x8008) = (long long)0x200

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