thread apply, core apply

This command temporarily switches control to a specific thread or processor to execute a DS-5 Debugger command and then switches back to the original state.

If an error occurs then the debugger stops processing the command and switches back to the original state.


thread apply { all | id} command

core apply { all | id} command



Specifies all threads or all processors.


Specifies the unique thread or processor number. You can use info cores, info processes, or info threads to display the id numbers.


Specifies the DS-5 Debugger command that you want to execute.

If all is specified then the command is executed on each thread or processor successively before switching back.


Example 150. thread apply, core apply

thread apply all print /x $pc         # Cycle through all threads and print address
                                      # in PC register (hexadecimal)

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