break-stop-on-threads, break-stop-on-cores

This command applies an existing breakpoint to one or more threads or processors.


break-stop-on-threads number [id]...

break-stop-on-cores number [id]...



Specifies the breakpoint number. This is a unique breakpoint number assigned by the debugger when it is set. You can use info breakpoints to display the breakpoint numbers and status.


Specifies one or more threads or processors to apply the breakpoint to. You can use $thread or $core to refer to the current thread or processor. If id is not specified then apply the breakpoint to all threads or processors. You can use info cores, or info threads to display the id numbers.


Example 12. break-stop-on-threads, break-stop-on-cores

break-stop-on-threads 1 2               # Apply breakpoint 1 to thread 2
break-stop-on-threads 4 9 11            # Apply breakpoint 4 to threads 9 and 11
break-stop-on-cores 4                   # Apply breakpoint 4 to all processors

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