Set commands

List of commands:


set is an alias for set variable.

set arm

Controls the behavior of the debugger when selecting the instruction set for disassembly and setting breakpoints.

set auto-solib-add

Controls the automatic loading of shared library symbols.

set backtrace

Controls the default behavior when using the info stack command.

set breakpoint

Controls the automatic behavior of breakpoints and watchpoints.

set blocking-run-control

Controls whether run control operations such as stepping and running are blocked until the target stops or released immediately.

set debug-from

Specifies the address of the temporary breakpoint for subsequent use by the start command.

set endian

Specifies the byte order for use by the debugger.

set escapes-in-filenames

Controls the use of special characters in paths.

set listsize

Modifies the default number of source lines that the list command displays.

set os

Controls the Operating System (OS) settings in the debugger.

set print

Controls the current debugger print settings.

set semihosting

Controls the semihosting operations in the debugger.

set solib-search-path

Specifies additional directories to search for shared library symbols.

set step-mode

Specifies whether to step into or step over a function with no debug information.

set stop-on-solib-events

Specifies whether the debugger stops execution when it is notified of an event by the dynamic linker.

set substitute-path

Modifies the search paths used when displaying source code.

set sysroot, set solib-absolute-prefix

Specifies the system root for prefixing shared library paths.

set variable

Specifies an expression and assigns the result to a variable.

set wildcard-style

Specifies the wildcard style to use for pattern matching in strings.

Type help followed by a command name for more information on a specific command.

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