1.3.25 directory, set directories

Defines additional directories to search for source files. If you use this command without an argument then the search directories are reset to the default settings. You can use the show command to display the current settings.


directory [path]...
set directories [path]...



Specifies an additional directory to search for source files. This is appended to the beginning of the list.

Multiple directories can be specified but must be separated with either:

  • a space

  • a colon (Unix)

  • a semi-colon (Windows).


The default directories for searching are:

  • compilation directory, $cdir

  • current working directory, $cwd

  • current image directory, $idir.

Example 1-28 Examples

directory "\usr\source"      # Add directory to search list
directory "\usr" "\My Src"   # Add two directories to search list,
                             # first takes precedence
directory                    # Reset to the default directories
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