1.3.49 info all-registers

Displays the name and content of grouped registers for the current stack frame.

Unless you specify otherwise, the registers listed by this command are the full set made available by the target, including co-processor and floating-point registers where available. You can use the info registers command to display a subset of registers that are most useful when debugging C/C++ applications. When application code calls a function it is common for any existing register values to be saved, so that the registers can be used by the callee function for other purposes. The original register values are then restored when the function returns. When displaying register values the debugger tries to show the value of the actual registers prior to each function call, according to the currently selected stack frame. A consequence of this is that some registers might be shown with undefined values because the debugger is unable to determine the actual value.


info all-registers [group]



Specifies a group name for a specific registers. If no group is specified then all registers and groups are displayed.

Example 1-52 Examples

info all-registers                 # Display info for all registers
info all-registers USR             # Display info for all user mode registers
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