1.2.6 Operating System (OS)

List of all the DS-5 Debugger commands that enable you to debug applications running on a target with an operating system.


Loads symbols from shared libraries.


Discards all loaded shared library symbols.

info os

Displays the current state of the Operating System (OS) support. If OS support is enabled, also lists all available OS data tables.

info os-log

Displays the contents of the Operating System (OS) log buffer for connections that support this feature.

info os-modules

Displays a list of loadable kernel modules for connections that support this feature.

info os-version

Displays the version of the Operating System (OS) for connections that support this feature.

info processes

Displays information about the user space processes.

info sharedlibrary

Displays the names of the loaded shared libraries, the base address, and whether the debug symbols of the shared libraries are loaded or not.

info threads

Displays information about the available threads.

set auto-solib-add

Controls the automatic loading of shared library symbols.

set os

Controls Operating System (OS) settings in the debugger. An OS-aware connection must be established before you can use this command.

set solib-search-path

Specifies additional directories to search for shared library symbols.

set stop-on-solib-events

Controls whether the debugger stops execution when a shared object is loaded or unloaded.

set sysroot, set solib-absolute-prefix

Specifies the system root directory to search for shared library symbols.

show auto-solib-add

Displays the automatic setting for use when loading shared library symbols.

show os

Displays the Operating System (OS) control settings.

show solib-search path

Displays the search paths in use by the debugger when searching for shared libraries.

show stop-on-solib-events

Displays the debugger setting that controls whether execution stops when shared library events occur.

show sysroot,show solib-absolute-prefix

Displays the system root directory in use by the debugger when searching for shared library symbols.

thread apply, core apply

Switches control to a specific thread or processor to execute a debugger command and then switches back to the original state.

thread, core

Displays information about the current thread or processor.

Enter help followed by a command name for more information on a specific command.

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