1.2.8 Data

List of all the DS-5 Debugger commands that enables you to display source code, expressions, variables, functions, classes, memory, and other data.


Displays the disassembly for the function surrounding a specific address or the disassembly for a specific address range.

info address

Displays the location of a symbol.

info classes

Displays C++ class names.

info functions

Displays the name and data types for all functions.

info locals

Displays all local variables for the current stack frame.

info members

Displays the name and data types for all class member variables that are accessible in the function corresponding to the selected stack frame.

info symbol

Displays the symbol name at a specific address.

info variables

Displays the name and data types for all global and static variables.


Displays lines of source code surrounding the current or specified location.

set listsize

Modifies the default number of source lines that the list command displays.

set variable

Evaluates an expression and assigns the result to a variable, register or memory.

show listsize

Displays the number of source lines that the list command displays.


Displays the data type of an expression.


Displays the content of memory at a specific address.

Enter help followed by a command name for more information on a specific command.

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