1.2.22 Support

List of all the miscellaneous DS-5 Debugger commands.


Enables you to derive new user-defined commands from existing commands.


Displays help information for a specific command or a group of commands listed according to specific debugging tasks.

info capabilities

Displays a list of capabilities for the target device that is currently connected to the debugger.

info inst-sets

Displays the available instruction sets.


Pauses the execution of a script for a specified period of time.


Displays the preprocessed expression, not the evaluated expression.

quit, exit

Quits the debugger session.

set arm

Controls the behavior of the debugger when selecting the instruction set for disassembly and setting breakpoints.

set endian

Specifies the byte order for use by the debugger.

set semihosting

Controls the semihosting settings in the debugger.


Runs a shell command within the debug session.

show architecture

Displays the architecture of the target.

show arm

Displays the instruction set settings in use by the debugger for disassembly and setting breakpoints.

show semihosting

Displays the semihosting settings in the debugger.

show version

Displays the version number of the debugger.

show endian

Displays the byte order setting in use by the debugger.


Specifies semihosting input requested by application code.


Modifies the current debugger settings.

Enter help followed by a command name for more information on a specific command.

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