1.3.151 set solib-search-path

Specifies additional directories to search for shared library symbols. If you use this command without an argument then any additional search directories, previously added using this command, are removed. You can use  show solib-search-path  to display the current settings.


You must launch the debugger with --target_os command-line option before you can use this feature. In Eclipse this option is automatically selected when you connect to a target using gdbserver.


set solib-search-path [path]...



Specifies an additional directory to search for shared libraries. The debugger uses the system root directory first, then it searches the additional directories specified with this command. You can use set sysroot to specify the system root directory.

Multiple directories can be specified but must be separated with either:

  • a colon (Unix)

  • a semi-colon (Windows).

Example 1-154 Examples

set solib-search-path "\usr\lib"         # Specify search directory
set solib-search-path "/lib":"/My Lib"   # Specify two search directories(Unix)
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