2.3.8 data.load.elf

Loads an ARM Executable and Linking Format (ELF) file. This format is described in the ARM ELF specification and uses the .axf file extension.


Loading an ELF image sets the program counter to the entry point of the image, if present.


data.load.elf filename [/flag]...



Specifies the image file.


Specifies additional flags:


Do not load code and data to the target.


Do not load symbols.


Symbol table is not cleared before loading the image.


Do not set register values, for example, PC and status registers.


By default, this command loads code and data to the target, clears the existing symbol table before loading the new symbols into the symbol table, and sets the registers.

You must use additional flags if you want to modify the default options. For example, you must use /noclear if you want to load the symbols from multiple images.

Example 2-8 Examples

data.load.elf "myFile.axf"                 ; Load image and symbols
data.load.elf "../my directory/myFile.axf" ; Load image and symbols
data.load.elf "myFile.axf" /nosymbol       ; Load image without symbols
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