2.3.20 var.print

Concatenates the results of one or more expressions.


var.print [%printing_format] expression… [/flag]



Specifies either [ascii | binary | decimal | hex]. If none specified, then the default is decimal format.


Specifies an expression that is evaluated and the result is returned. You can use script variables in an expression by preceding the name with a backslash. Script variables are for use at runtime only.


Specifies an additional flag:


Specifies an output option to display messages in JSON format.

Example 2-20 Examples

var.print "Value is: " myVar1       ; Display string and myVar1
var.print myVar1 " and " myVar2     ; Display concatenated string/variables
var.print %h myVar1                 ; Display myVar1 in hexadecimal
var.print \myVar                    ; Display value of script variable
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