1.3.137 set dtsl-temporary-directory

Specifies the path for the temporary directory to store trace data.


set dtsl-temporary-directory <path>


Specifies the location of your temporary directory, for example, C:\my_temp_dir.


This command can only set the path to an existing directory location. You need to create the directory before using this command.

To clear the setting and revert to the default system directory, enter set dtsl-temporary-directory "".

You can also use the DS-5 Preferences dialog to set trace data temporary directory. To do this:

  1. From the DS-5 menu, select Window > Preferences.
  2. Browse to DS-5 > Debugger > Trace.
  3. Select the Use custom directory for temporary trace data files option.
  4. Enter or Browse the path to your temporary directory.

Example 1-140 Examples

set dtsl-temporary-directory C:\my_temp_dir      # Set DTSL temporary directory path as C:\my_temp_dir.
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