1.3.101 mmu translate

Performs translations between virtual and physical addresses.

It translates either:

  • From a virtual address to a physical address.

  • From a physical address to one or more virtual addresses.

Physical to virtual address translation might be slow on some targets because it might involve a full traversal of the translation tables on the target.


mmu translate address [translation] [param1=value1]...



Specifies the address to translate. If this is a virtual address then a virtual to physical address translation is performed. If this is a physical address then a physical to virtual address translation is performed.


Specifies the translation to perform.


Specifies a parameter and its value to govern the interpretation of the table. If you do not specify a required parameter, then it is determined from the current target state.

Example 1-104 Examples

mmu translate 0x00008000 PL1S_S1 S_TTBR1=0x80000404A

mmu translate SP:0x80F15000
Address SP:0x80F15000 maps to
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