6.1. Introduction

You can use the AMBA-PV protocol checker with any model that is designed to implement the AMBA-PV protocol. The behavior of the model you test is checked against the protocol by a set of checks in the protocol checker. You can instantiate the protocol checker, class amba_pv_protocol_checker, between any pair of AMBA-PV master and slave sockets.

The transactions that pass through are checked against the AMBA-PV protocol. You can instantiate the protocol checker, class amba_pv_ace_protocol_checker, between any pair of AMBA-PV ACE master and slave sockets. Errors are reported using the SystemC reporting mechanism. All errors are reported with a message type of "amba_pv_protocol_checker" and with a severity of SC_ERROR. Recommendations are reported with a severity of SC_WARNING. Their reporting can be disabled.

The AMBA-PV protocol checker tests your model against the AMBA AXI3 protocol by default. You can configure the protocol checker to specifically test your model against one of the ACE, AXI4, AHB or APB protocols.


The AMBA-PV protocol checker does not perform any TLM 2.0 BP checks.

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