6.2.5. Response checks

Table 6.7 lists the response checks performed by the protocol checker:

Table 6.7. Response checks

Bus type(s)Description of checkAMBA3 APB Protocol SpecificationAMBA3 AHB-Lite Protocol SpecificationAMBA4 AXI and ACE Protocol Specification
APB, AXI4-LiteA response array is not appropriate as all transactions are single transfersSection 4.1 “AMBA 3 APB signals”.-Section B1.1.1 “AXI4 signals not supported in AXI4-Lite”.
APB, AHBA response can be OKAY or SLVERRSection 2.1 “AMBA APB signals”.Section 5.1 “Slave transfer response”.-
AXI4-LiteAn EXOKAY response is not supported--Section B1.1.1 “AXI4 signals modified in AXI4-Lite”.
AXI3, AXI4, ACE-LiteAn EXOKAY response can only be given to an exclusive transaction--A3.4.4 “Read and write response structure”.

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