3.1.1. AMBA-PV extension

The AMBA-PV extension, amba_pv_extension class, is shown in Figure 3.1. It extends the tlm_extension class and provides support for AMBA 4 buses specific addressing options and additional control information.

The additional control information provided by the AMBA 4 buses is modeled by the amba_pv_control class. It is also used by the user interface methods. See User layer.

The additional transaction information required by DVM operations is modeled by the amba_pv_dvm class.

The amba_pv_attributes class provides support for additional user-defined attributes in the form of additional named attributes (namely a map). To use this class, you must define the AMBA_PV_INCLUDE_ATTRIBUTES macro at compile time.


The amba_pv_attributes class might impact simulation performance.

Figure 3.1. Extension hierarchy

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