3.1.2. Core interfaces

The AMBA-PV core interfaces shown in Figure 3.2 comprise:


tagged variant of tlm_fw_transport_if, must be implemented by AMBA-PV slave modules


tagged variant of tlm_bw_transport_if, must be implemented by AMBA-PV master modules.


tagged variant of tlm_fw_transport_if.


tagged variant of tlm_fw_transport_if and tlm_bw_transport_if, must be implemented by AMBA-PV ACE master modules. This class is a simple composite of the amba_pv_bw_transport_if and amba_pv_bw_snoop_if.

The core interfaces are part of the transport layer. See User and transport layers for more information.

Figure 3.2. Core interfaces and user layer

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