3.1.3. User layer

The user layer shown in Figure 3.2 comprises the following:


user-layer transaction interface providing read(), write(), burst_read(), burst_write(), debug_read(), debug_write(), get_direct_mem_ptr() convenience methods


base class for AMBA-PV master modules, to be bound to amba_pv_master_socket<>, provides default implementations of invalidate_direct_mem_ptr().


base class for AMBA-PV slave modules, to be bound to amba_pv_slave_socket<>, provides with conversion of b_transport() and transport_dbg() into user-layer methods, and default implementations of transport_dbg() and get_direct_mem_ptr().


base class for AMBA-PV ACE master modules, to be bound to amba_pv_ace_master_socket<>, provides default implementations of invalidate_direct_mem_ptr(), b_snoop() and snoop_dbg().

See User and transport layers for more information on how the user layer builds on top of the transport layer.

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