2.4. Mapping for AMBA buses

The control signal mappings for AXI, ACE and AHB buses. The APB bus does not use these control signals.

Table 2.11. signal mappings for amba_pv_control

amba_pv_control ACE, ACE-LiteAXI4AXI3AHB
bool is_privileged() const; void set_privileged(bool = true);AxPROT[0]AxPROT[0]AxPROT[0]HPROT[1]
bool is_instruction() const; void set_instruction(bool = true);AxPROT[2]AxPROT[2]AxPROT[2]HPROT[0]
bool is_non_secure() const; void set_non_secure(bool = true);AxPROT[1]AxPROT[1]AxPROT[1]-
bool is_locked() const; void set_locked(bool = true);--AxLOCK = 2HLOCK
bool is_exclusive() const; void set_exclusive(bool = true);AxLOCKAxLOCKAxLOCK = 1-
void set_bufferable(bool = true); bool is_bufferable() const;AxCACHE[0]AxCACHE[0]AxCACHE[0]HPROT[2]
void set_cacheable(bool = true); bool is_cacheable() const;--AxCACHE[1]HPROT[3]
void set_modifiable(bool = true); bool is_modifiable() const;AxCACHE[1]AxCACHE[1]--
void set_read_allocate(bool = true); bool is_read_allocate() const;AxCACHE[2]AxCACHE[2]AxCACHE[2]-
void set_write_allocate(bool = true); bool is_write_allocate() const;AxCACHE[3]AxCACHE[3]AxCACHE[3]-
void set_read_other_allocate(bool = true); bool is_read_other_allocate() const;AxCACHE[3]AxCACHE[3]--
void set_write_other_allocate(bool = true); bool is_write_other_allocate() const;AxCACHE[2]AxCACHE[2]--
void set_qos(unsigned int); unsigned int get_qos() const;AxQOS[3:0]AxQOS[3:0]--
void set_region(unsigned int); unsigned int get_region() const;AxREGION[3:0]AxREGION[3:0]--
void set_domain(amba_pv_domain_t); amba_pv_domain_t get_domain() const;AxDOMAIN[1:0]---
void set_snoop(amba_pv_snoop_t); amba_pv_snoop_t get_snoop() const;AxSNOOP[3:0]---
void set_bar(amba_pv_bar_t); amba_pv_bar_t get_bar() const;AxBAR[1:0]---

The response mappings for AXI, ACE, AHB and APB buses.

Table 2.12. Response mappings for amba_pv_resp_t



PSLVERR signal support is not a requirement for APB peripherals. If a peripheral does not support this signal then the corresponding appropriate response is AMBA_PV_OKAY.

The additional response bit mappings for the ACE bus.

Table 2.13. Mappings for additional ACE bus response bits

amba_pv_extension and amba_pv_responseACEACE-Lite
bool is_pass_dirty() const; void set_pass_dirty(bool = true);RRESP[2], CRRESP[2]RRESP[2]
bool is_shared() const; void set_shared(bool = true);RRESP[3], CRRESP[2]RRESP[3]
bool is_snoop_data_transfer() const; void set_snoop_data_transfer(bool = true);CRRESP[0]-
bool is_snoop_error() const; void set_snoop_error(bool = true);CRRESP[1]-
bool is_snoop_was_unique() const; void set_snoop_was_unique(bool = true);CRRESP[4]-

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