2.1. Introduction

AMBA-PV defines an extension, class amba_pv_extension, to the TLM 2.0 GP, class tlm_generic_payload. This extension class targets AMBA buses modeling, using an LT coding style, and features attributes for the modeling of:

This extension does not model any of the following:

It additionally supports unaligned burst start addresses and unaligned write data transfers using byte strobes.

AMBA-PV defines a new trait class amba_pv_protocol_types that features:

This class is used for the TYPES template parameter with TLM 2.0 classes and interfaces.

If using amba_pv_protocol_types with TLM 2.0 classes and interfaces, the following additional rules apply to the TLM 2.0 GP attributes:

You must use the AMBA-PV extension with AMBA-PV sockets, that is, sockets parameterized with the amba_pv_protocol_types traits class. This follows the rules set out in the section Define a new protocol traits class containing a typedef for tlm_generic_payload of the IEEE Standard for Standard SystemC® Language Reference Manual, January 2012. The AMBA-PV extension is a mandatory extension for the modeling of AMBA buses. For more information, see the section Non-ignorable and mandatory extensions in the same document.

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