2.5.1. Fixed burst example

Figure 2.1 shows an example of a fixed read burst of four transfers. Each row in the figure represents a transfer.

Figure 2.1. Fixed read burst

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The data organization is the same whether this burst happens on 32-bit or on 64-bit buses.

The attributes of the TLM 2.0 GP are as follows:

m_command = TLM_READ_COMMAND;
m_address = 0x0;
m_data_length = 16;
m_streaming_width = 4;

The attributes of the AMBA-PV extension are as follows:

m_burst = AMBA_PV_FIXED;
m_length = 4;
m_size = 4;


This transaction is specific to the AMBA 3 AXI protocol.

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