AMBA-PV Extensions to TLM 2.0 Developer Guide

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1. Introduction
1.1. About the AMBA-PV extensions
2. AMBA-PV Extension
2.1. Introduction
2.2. Attributes and methods
2.2.1. Class definition
2.2.2. Constructors, copying and addressing
2.2.3. Default values and modifiability of attributes
2.2.4. Burst length attribute
2.2.5. Burst size attribute
2.2.6. Burst type attribute
2.2.7. ID attribute
2.2.8. Privileged attribute
2.2.9. Non-secure attribute
2.2.10. Exclusive attribute
2.2.11. Locked attribute
2.2.12. Bufferable attribute
2.2.13. Modifiable/Cacheable attribute
2.2.14. Read allocate attribute
2.2.15. Write allocate attribute
2.2.16. Read other allocate attribute
2.2.17. Write other allocate attribute
2.2.18. Quality of Service (QoS) attribute
2.2.19. Region attribute
2.2.20. Domain attribute
2.2.21. Snoop attribute
2.2.22. Bar attribute
2.2.23. DVM messages
2.2.24. Response attribute
2.2.25. ACE response attributes PassDirty and IsShared
2.2.26. ACE snoop response attributes DataTransfer, Error and WasUnique
2.2.27. Response array attribute
2.2.28. Data organization
2.2.29. Direct memory interface
2.2.30. Debug transport interface
2.3. AMBA signal mapping
2.4. Mapping for AMBA buses
2.5. Basic transactions
2.5.1. Fixed burst example
2.5.2. Incremental burst example
2.5.3. Wrapped burst example
2.5.4. Unaligned burst example
3. AMBA-PV Classes
3.1. Class description
3.1.1. AMBA-PV extension
3.1.2. Core interfaces
3.1.3. User layer
3.1.4. Sockets
3.1.5. ACE sockets
3.1.6. Bridges
3.1.7. Memory
3.1.8. Exclusive monitor
3.1.9. Bus decoder
3.1.10. Protocol checker
3.1.11. Signaling
3.1.12. User and transport layers
3.2. Class summary
3.2.1. Additional classes for virtual platforms
3.2.2. Additional classes for side-band signals
4. Example Systems
4.1. Configuring the examples
4.2. Bridge example
4.2.1. Building and running the example
4.3. Debug example
4.3.1. Building and running the example
4.4. DMA example
4.4.1. Building and running the example
4.5. Exclusive example
4.5.1. Building and running the example
5. How to Create AMBA-PV Compliant Models
5.1. How to create an AMBA-PV master
5.2. How to create an AMBA-PV slave
5.3. How to create an AMBA-PV interconnect
5.4. How to create an AMBA-PV ACE master
5.5. How to create an AMBA-PV ACE slave
6. AMBA-PV Protocol Checker
6.1. Introduction
6.1.1. Disabling recommended checks
6.1.2. Selecting AMBA protocol checks
6.2. Checks description
6.2.1. Architecture checks
6.2.2. Extension checks
6.2.3. Address checks
6.2.4. Data checks
6.2.5. Response checks
6.2.6. Exclusive access checks
6.2.7. Cacheability checks

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Revision D31 March 2010Added documentation for the AMBA-PV protocol checker. Added description of AMBA-PV extension attributes and methods.
Revision E30 November 2011Documented changes to support the AMBA4 buses AXI4, ACE and DVM.
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