2.2 Model Shell command-line options

Use options to tailor Model Shell behavior from the command line.

Table 2-1 Model Shell command line options

Long Short Description
--application filename1 filename2 -a

Load application list.

Use -a instance=filename to load an application to a system instance.

model_shell $MODEL -a multiprocessor.processor0=app1.axf -a multiprocessor.processor1=app2.axf

Use * to load the same application image into all the processors in a multiprocessor:

model_shell $MODEL -a "multiprocessor.*=app.axf"

Without a specified processor, Model Shell loads the image into the first instance that can run software. If this is an MPCore, Model Shell loads the image into each processor.

--break address -b

Set program breakpoint at the address.

Use -b instance=address to set a breakpoint for the system instance.

Multiple --breaks set multiple breakpoints.

--cadi-log -L

Log all CADI calls to an XML log file.

--cadi-server -S

Start a CADI server. This enables attaching a debugger to debug targets in the simulation. To shut down the server, return to the command window that you used to start the model and press Ctrl+C to stop the CADI server. The Model Shell process must be in the foreground before you can shut it down.

--cadi-trace -t

Enable diagnostic output from CADI calls and callbacks.

--config-file filename -f

Use model parameters from configuration file filename.

--cpulimit n -

Specify the maximum number of host seconds for the simulation to run, excluding simulation start-up and shut-down. Fractions of a second can be specified, but the remaining time is only tested to a resolution of 100ms.

If n is omitted, the default is unlimited.

--cyclelimit n -

Specify the maximum number of cycles to run.

If n is omitted, the default is unlimited.

--data file@address -d

Specify raw data to load at this address. The full format is:

-d [INST=]file@[memspace:]address
--dump file@address,size -u

Dump a section of memory into file, on model shut-down. Multiple --dumps are possible. The full format is:

-u [INST=]file@[memspace:]address,size
--help -h

List the Model Shell command line options, and then exit.

--keep-console -K

Keep console window open after completion, on Microsoft Windows.

--list-instances -

List target instances.

--list-memory -

List memory information for the model to standard output.

--list-params -

List target instances and their parameters. Use this to help identify the correct syntax for configuration files, and to find out what the target supplies.

--list-regs - List model register information to standard output.
--output filename -o

Redirect output from the --list-instances, --list-memory, --list-params, and --list-regs commands to a file.

The contents of the file are formatted correctly for use as input by the --config-file option.

--parameter [instance.]parameter=value -C

Set a parameter to this value. For hierarchical systems, specify the complete name of the parameter.

--plugin filename -

Specify plugins. These plugins or those in environment variable FM_PLUGINS are loaded.

--prefix -P

Prefix semihosting output with the name of the target instance.

--quiet -q

Suppress Model Shell output.

--run -R

Run simulation on load, with a CADI server: -S --run. The default is to start the simulation in a stopped state.

--start address -

Initialize the PC to this application start address, overriding the .axf start. The full format is:

--start [INST=]address
--stat -

List statistics at end of simulation.

--timelimit n -

Specify the maximum number of seconds to run as n.

If n is omitted, the default is unlimited.


If n is specified as 0, Model Shell:

  • Initializes the system.
  • Loads all applications and data.
  • Sets breakpoints and PC.
  • Exits immediately without running the model.

Use this option to convert applications to raw binary. For example:

model_shell --timelimit 0 -m mymodel.dll -a app.axf -u app.raw@0x8000,0x10000
--verbose -V

Enable verbose messages.

--version -v

List the Model Shell version number, then exit.

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