8.2 --allow_fpreg_for_nonfpdata, --no_allow_fpreg_for_nonfpdata

Enables and disables the use of VFP and NEON registers and data transfer instructions for non-VFP and non-NEON data.


--allow_fpreg_for_nonfpdata enables the compiler to use VFP and NEON registers and instructions for data transfer operations on non-VFP and non-NEON data. This is useful when demand for integer registers is high. For the compiler to use the VFP or NEON registers, the default options for the processor or the specified options must enable the hardware.

--no_allow_fpreg_for_nonfpdata prevents VFP and NEON registers from being used for non-VFP and non-NEON data. When this option is specified, the compiler uses VFP and NEON registers for VFP and NEON data only. This is useful when you want to confine the number of places in your code where the compiler generates VFP or NEON instructions.


The default is --no_allow_fpreg_for_nonfpdata.

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