8.64 --dllimport_runtime, --no_dllimport_runtime

Controls symbol visibility when using the runtime library as a shared library.


The default is --no_dllimport_runtime.


Use the option --dllimport_runtime to mark all implicit references as __declspec(dllimport). Implicit references are references that are not in user source code but are nonetheless used by the compiler. Implicit references include:

  • Library-resident compiler helper functions. For example, helper functions for software floating-point support.

  • RunTime Type Information (RTTI) found in the C++ runtime libraries.

  • Any optimized implementation of a user-specified function, for example, printf(), providing that the non-optimized user-specified version of the function that the optimized implementation is based on, is marked as __declspec(dllimport). Header files describing which library functions are exported from DLLs are usually provided with the platform DLL version of the C library.

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