8.192 --via=filename

Reads an additional list of input filenames and compiler options from filename.



Where filename is the name of a via file containing options to be included on the command line.


You can enter multiple --via options on the compiler command line. The --via options can also be included within a via file.


Given a source file main.c, a via file apcs.txt containing the line:

--apcs=/rwpi --no_lower_rwpi --via=L_apcs.txt

and a second via file L_apcs.txt containing the line:

-L--rwpi -L--callgraph

compiling main.c with the command line:

armcc main.c -L-o"main.axf" --via=apcs.txt

compiles main.c using the command line:

armcc --no_lower_rwpi --apcs=/rwpi -L--rwpi -L--callgraph -L-o"main.axf" main.c
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