8.197 -Warmcc,option[,option,...]

Enables normal compiler command-line options to be passed to the compiler in GCC emulation mode.

The options associated with -Warmcc are passed verbatim to the compiler, that is, without translation. These options also override any translation options that are specified.





is a normal ARM compiler option.


Use this option to take advantage of features specific to the ARM compilation tools when in GCC emulation mode.


In this example, -Warmcc enables the command-line options -A and -L to be used for passing options to the assembler and the linker without translation, while in GCC emulation mode.

armcc --translate_gcc --arm_linux_config_file=linux_config -o example.axf example.s -Warmcc,-A--predefine="my_variable SETA 20" -Warmcc,-L--inline
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